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jackfruit is very rich in Fibre, Proteins, Vitamins, Carbs etc



A WhatsApp Group of Jackfruit lovers turned to be entrepreneurs
When a 2015 study found that half of the country’s jackfruits goes waste, a team of prospective entrepreneurs in Kerala chose to come together. In Kerala, as one-third of the tropical fruit went unused, the government declared jackfruit the state’s official fruit in March 2018.

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Chakkakkoottam is group of jackfruit lovers based in kerala to enjoy jackfruit. This initiative attracted the attention of many people migrated to kochi from villages of kerala, having nostalgic memories about their childhood filled with jackfruit and mango. Considering all these circumstances to utilize the wasted resources of kerala farmers and the needs of keralites staying inside and outside of kerala. It is the need of the hour to capitalise the availability of jackfruit in kerala


Best Product

I am so happy I discovered you guys! Loved the chips….Thanks for making the ONLY snack that’s totally pure and tastes great too!



Best Product

I just wanted to say that I have fallen IN LOVE with your foods. I have sacrificed good wholesome food to “treat” myself and fulfill my hunger in the past, but i have found such satisfaction with awesome foods products, that i no longer need to eat the junk ….Tried the  jackfruit chips… First bite in I knew I had to go back and get a few more for the weekend. Outstanding!!!



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2019 june 3
KOCHI: Amidst the concrete jungles where people don't have time to even talk to neighbours,..


2021 Oct 19
Even corona could not break our bond. A small gathering coordinated by the jackfruit aficionado Mr.Anil jose

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